How to set up Nintendo Gamecube games on every Android device and play

The Nintendo GameCube remains a fan favorite as it comes with so many unique and entertaining games like the legend of Zelda, Resident Evil 4, the Prince of Persia, F-Zero GX.

It becomes more challenging to play the old favorites that have given us goosebumps once almost two decades later. This is because the newer consoles of Nintendo older versions do not support them.

It is possible to still play Nintendo Gamecube video games on with an Android emulator. This article shows you how you can do that.

There are many emulators working with Android devices, but only one can play these games.

This emulator is referred to as a dolphin emulator. It has been for some time, mainly for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. However, there was some great news for Android users in 2013 when the Dolphin Emulator was released for Android devices.

The Delphin Emulator was selected as the best choice for gamers who still want to experience the thrill of classic Gamecube titles on their Android phones.

Although the dolphin emulator is currently in beta, it's still free of charge for Google Play Store. This software must be purchased by law for your Android device. To play it, you must download Gamecube ISOS or retrieve the ISO files manually.

The Dolphin Emulator is the most popular Android emulator. However, users have complained about compatibility with some Android devices and faults. They also complain that the emulator is limited in what they can run on their phones. This is a problem because you can move your phone freely without the emulator connected to your phone. These are the steps to play Gamecube Android games:

Part 1: Download the Google Play Store Delphin Emulator app.

Navigate to your Google Play Store and enter the "Delphin Emulator "in the search bar. Click the icon to install.

After installing Dolphin Emulator, start the app. Click the "Allow" button "to grant access to your device memory.

Part 2: Download the GameCube ISO file and extract it to your device.

Each Nintendo Gamecube title can be downloaded to the compressed processing file format known as ISO.

The Android operating system uses APK files. This does not make it compatible with the ISO file format. It is this reason why you need an emulator to act as a bridge between the two file formats.

Sometimes the file may not be in ISO format. However, they can be compressed in RAR or 7Z formats.

You have to extract it before you can use the GameCube Emulator Android. For extraction, the 7zipper app should be used. You can also download the application for free on Google Play Store.

After downloading the GameCube ISOS

Next, Download and Install 7zipper from Google Play Store.

To grant you access to your device memory, start the 7zip Android app.

Take a look at the 7zipper app screen to find the folder where the compressed Nintendo Gamecube ISO file was stored.

Scroll down into the folder and click on the 7zipper compressed file.

To start the file extraction process, tap the "OK "that can take some time.

After this step, your ISO file is ready to start. You can now add the GameCube file to the Dolphin Emulator to play your Nintendo GameCube games on your Android smartphone.

Save it after you download it.

Part 3: Start the game.

After the ISO file is extracted for the game and removed from the ZIP file, it is time to add it to the Delphin Emulator app.

After the game is added to the emulator, it is possible to start the game, save data and configure control settings from the emulator.

Open the use of the Dolphin Emulator application that you downloaded to your Android phone.

In the lower right corner of your screen, tap the " "icon.

Navigate to the folder containing the GameCube ISO file.

A button can be found at the bottom of the folder to "Select this directory." Tap it to return to the main screen.

You should now see the Nintendo Gamecube title that has just been added to the Delphin Emulator.

Tap the game icon to start the game. Wait for a while.

The virtual gamepad appears on the screen. To play the game with the actual keys, you can connect your mobile device to a Bluetooth controller.

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