Top 5 best nintendo ds roms to play on PC

With dozens of ROM and PC based games available in the market, it often becomes quite difficult to choose the right one. However, there are some games that have not only become popular but also have been called as trend-setters. One such game is nintendo DS roms. They have been around for many years now and are considered to be exciting, popular and interesting for players across different age groups. Though NDS roms began their journey as hand-held console games, they can now be played even on personal computers. It was released in the market by Nintendo in the years 2004 and 2005 and over the past decade and a half they have become extremely popular and very much in demand.

With the advent of DS technology, the players were able to see some new and distinctive features as far as handheld games were concerned. Over the years, these features along with some new ones were extended even to the PC versions of Nintendo DS. The hand-held versions had two LCD screens and they worked in tandem. As technology improved, it was possible to integrate multiple DS consoles with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. As we read this article, there could be at least seven different types of NDS Roms that have come from the stables of Nintendo.

There are also other manufacturers that offer different versions of NDS roms. Almost each and every new game and the upgraded versions thereof have been best sellers in their own rights. It would also be interesting to mention here that around 154 million units of various types of Nintendo DS Roms have been sold so far. This makes it one of the best-selling hand-held games till date. It also is the second best-selling video console game across the world.

Now that we have a reasonably good idea about Nintendo games, let us have a look at 5 best games that could be played on personal computers.

1. Mano Kart DS

You will find Mano Kart DS simply irresistible because of many reasons. You will be in a position to battle and race with more than eight karts at one go. It does not matter if all the players do not have a game card. The courses are from various other Mario Kart Games and therefore you can be sure that you will find a few of them familiar. You also could choose your favorite battle and track arenas. The new wireless Nintendo version makes it possible to enjoy the wireless version of the game. You have 30 courses to choose from and the other crazy items makes it indeed a stunning PC based gaming experience.

2. New Super Mario Bros

The games continue to draw thousands of fans and participants across the world and there are obviously many reasons for the same. It continues to fascinate and capture the imagination of those who believe in carefree adventure. Even grown up people love it because it makes them feel child-like as they engage in the various twists and turns associated with the game. The latest version of New Super Mario Bros takes the players to the suspense filled world of castles, fortresses and other such things. There are various levels to move and this makes it even more exciting.

3. Pokemon Pearl

If you are asked to make a list of games that you should compulsorily have as a Nintendo fan, then you have all the reasons to think of Pokemon Pearl. Though the new variant may not have all the exciting things that one would have expected, it still continues to be fantastic in more ways than one. Though it may look kid-friendly it is not actually so. Whether it is the game battle mechanics and other such things, it offers unlimited excitement, unpredictability and the best of gaming experience.

4. Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors

There is no doubt that the Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors is considered to be the longest in the history for those who are looking for the best in anime series. It has over 180 episodes. It could be a great experience for starters in particular. It has many game modes and each player can select a full story mode.

5. Animal Crossing – Wild World

Yes, there are enough reasons to believe that Animal Crossing – Wild Word has lived to its reputation of being an offbeat, fun-filled and family friendly gaming experience. It has some exciting innovative features. It continues to be extremely popular and many also find it addictive and of course irresistible.


The above may have given some basic idea about the wonderful world of Nintendo DS Roms. It may make good sense to spend some time and visit so that the readers are able to know about the various other such DS rom based games that are available and the features that they come with. Free download is also permitted for some games.